Do Your Own Termite Treatment, Here's How!

Do Your Own Termite Treatment, Here's How!

Since 2001 a non repellant low toxicity termiticide has been available to treat for termites. Around 2007-2008 permission was granted to all 50 states to do an abbreviated treatment, referred to as a defined treatment. A defined treatment can only be done using Termidor or Premise. I prefer to use Termidor.

Dr. Cook at the University of Kentucky proved that termites could be eliminated from a structure using Termidor by simply trenching around the structure and placing the proper amount of Termidor into the trench. At Knox Pest Control we treat hundreds of home a year using Termidor and we have had 100% success. Done correctly this treatment should protect your home for about 15 years.

Here is one way to do the termite treatment yourself.

SLAB STRUCTURES: (Structures with cement floors)

Before you handle Termidor SC make sure to read the entire label. This is not a hardware store product this is the top professional product used by termite treatment companies around the world.

Then measure the distance around your home. Let's say its 180 LN FT. since each bottle of Termidor SC will treat 60 LN FT you will need three 20-oz. bottles.

Use a mattock or grubbing how to dig a trench 4 to 6 inches wide and 4 to 6 inches deep all the way around your structure using a tool called a mattock. These tools are available in most hardware stores including Lowes and Home Depot for around $20.

Round up a clean 5 gallon bucket and put in 4 gallons of water and 3.3 ounces of Termidor SC. Stir and mix well.

Pour your 4 gallons of mixture into a 10 foot section of your trench. You can kick in the backfill as you treat.

The product label calls for 4 gals of Termidor SC for every 10 LN FT. so you have to continue to repeat this process until your back where you started.

If you have a cement porch or driveway that is right up against your foundation you will need to drill a 3/8 to hole thru the slab into the dirt below using a masonry bit. These holes need to be away from the foundation wall about 6 inches and no further apart than 12 inches. Then you can use a funnel to apply approx 1 quart of Termidor to each hole. Slowly let the product seep in and under the slab. Plug the holes with mortar patch or Treber Plugs.


Do everything above and add this step.

Go into the crawl space and trench around each support pier and place 4 gals per 10 feet of pier space. Most piers are around 4 feet in diameter so 1 finished gal of Termidor would do for each pier.

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