Have You Seen Super Termites

Have You Seen Super Termites

Studies are underway by entomologists on the different types of termites and their impact on society. Predicting a way to and doing trials will hopefully come to a conclusion about which is the better way to do away with termite infestations in homes. Because termites destroy so many homes and then move to the next, we need to find ways to preserve our homes, but also nature, since termites are vital to the ecosystem.

The Super termite as it has been nicknamed is the Formosan termite that is in dubious to the United States and Hawaii. The reason for the name super termites comes from their ability to devour a building in a very short time period. They have devoured up to thirteen ounces of wood daily beating the subterranean termite who consumes fifteen pounds a month. The reproductive adds to the population of the super termites by laying as many as thirteen hundred eggs a day.

Ruthless and undetected, these super termites will literally eat you out of house and home in a matter of year in some cases. The speed at which they consume wood is just amazing for such a small insect. The Formosan termite has less traveling distance to their nest as they build them in the walls of the building they are feeding on. They can build in walls as high as three hundred feet off the ground.

Imagine that you feel your home is airtight and no insect can enter. If you see an ant, you can assure yourself you are not safe from the super termites as well. Nothing is unattainable when you are dealing with termites. They smell and sense the cellulose from the wood and will find a way in to feed.

Super termites along with all species of termites live and breathe in your home and go undetected for years, if you have know idea what to look for. Because of their ability to feed undetected for years, the damage results in the thousands of dollars to fix their handy work. We all fall prey to this devastating insect and they in turn are smarter than we are as humans.

If you do monthly checks of your home and property for super termites, you may get away with a simple and easy pesticide control. If the infestation is extreme, you may want to call a professional pest control company.

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