How To Detect Termites

How To Detect Termites

How to Detect Termite Infestation

Termite infestation is a fear of almost every homeowner. They can cause serious, destructive and costly damage. There aren't many ways to prevent termites from entering your home. However, there are ways to detect termite infestation which will help prevent serious damage and save you from a lot of time and aggravation.

There are two types of termites: Subterranean and Drywood. Both types of termite identification will be discussed. Drywood termites, which are harder to exterminate, often leave small piles of sand-sized droppings. Check in the corners of rooms and inside cabinets. On the exterior of your home, look along foundations, under bushes, or around downspouts for mud tubes.

Tips to Help You Identify Termites in Your Home

Termite Wings

If you see wings around the outside of your home or in the inside of your home, it likely means that termites have invaded the area in or around your home. Termites shed their wings when they are swarming in the area. If you find evidence of wings around your home, call a termite exterminator. Termite swarming usually occurs in the spring or summer, depending on the type of termite.


Small piles of sawdust is another strong indicator of a termite problem. This could indicate that termites have been chomping away at some wood in your home.

Termite Tubes or Mud Tunnels

Mud tunnels are a common sign of subterranean termite infestation. Mud tunnels are tube like tunnels that termites build so that they can go from their colonies underground to your home.

Mud-Looking Material

Some varieties of termites attempt to patch up the holes they created. They do this by mixing dirt with their feces to create a substance to patch up the holes. The substance looks like mud.

Observing Termites

If you find termites, chances are they will look yellow or white. While there are over 40 species of termites in the US, most termite varieties in the US share the basic characteristic of being yellow or white.

Subterranean termite infestations often respond to bait and spray treatments. However, drywood termite infestations can only be exterminated through tent fumigation.

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