Hunting High and Low for A Termite Infestation

Hunting High and Low for A Termite Infestation

People will often hear about friends, neighbors or community members’ homes that are laden with ants or roaches or even bed bugs, but termites typically invade your home in a sneakier way. Since most termites exist behind your walls instead of in your kitchen cabinets, people can live with termite infestations for months or even years before realizing a problem is present. Below are some tips to determine if you are having a problem with termites. If you think you are, call a New Jersey termite control immediately.

Short of finding bugs in and around your home, the best sign that you have termites is the presence of trails. Trails can be difficult to see unless you look closely at the wall. Trails often appear like a series of brown dirt lines going up and down your wall. They are typically behind the paint or wallpaper and can be missed completely unless you are looking for them. While trails can appear by themselves, they often come in bunches. Many homeowners report that they simply wiped the trails away with a rag for months before determining their source. If you see trails along your walls or ceiling, call Ross Environmental Solutions right away.

Termites eat wood for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but they tend to burrow into large pieces and devour from the inside out. You could look at a large board that has termite damage and not even realize it. The easiest way to tell if a piece of wood, or the wood frame of your home, has damage is to knock on it. If a solid piece of wood suddenly sounds hollow or wrong in some way, it could be damaged. Be sure to turn off any distractions or noise around your home before you start. You’ll need a good ear to make an accurate determination. Remember, termite control services are only a phone call away.

Termites do a fantastic job of hiding from you as they dine on your home. However, once a termite has died, there isn’t much they can do to hide. If you start to find small dead bugs around your home, or the shed wings from termites, you’ll want to call a professional right away. As a termite leaves the swarm castle, they shed their wings. If your infestation is bad enough, you could begin to find small, white wings in piles around your home. It is a disgusting calling card left behind by a dangerous pest, but it could be the tip-off you need to save your home. If you have found strange wings around your home, contact New Jersey pest control.

Termites are simultaneously the most difficult pest to diagnose and the most dangerous. Some people take the drastic step of knocking a hole in their wall to find them, only to realize later that they chose the wrong spot. Don’t be another victim of termites, contact New Jersey termite control services at Ross Environmental Solutions today.

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