Rat Pack Termite And Pest Control Solutions

Rat Pack Termite And Pest Control Solutions

Rat pack makes your life easy by providing you with our various services. Rat pack specializes in several techniques to ease things for our customers.

Controlling Mosquitos and Ticks

Over 30 million years, the insect called mosquito has been around us and continued to trouble us. Female mosquitoes have a mouthpart to pierce skin and suck your blood. Mosquito bites are caused by these female mosquitoes feeding on your blood. Mosquito bite allergies are also caused by mosquito bites and the symptoms for these allergies include itching, hives, and swelling. Ticks are small, blood-sucking arthropods. If you spend time outdoors or have pets that go outdoors, you need to beware of ticks. They are actually arachnids like scorpions, spiders and mites. Rat Packers expertise in skills for maintaining and delivering tick controlling insecticide directly to the area where they are born. We also control the mosquito activates at your home or work place.

Rodent and Wildlife Prevention

Most non-flying mammals and the single largest group of mammals is the Rodentia. The approximately 4,000 rodent species are divided on the basis of their anatomy into three well-defined groups or suborders. Rodents have more than 30 families. Rat Trap with its professional and precise techniques help you get rid of rodents and wildlife assuring you a clean and healthy household.

Keep Bed Bugs Away

Bed bugs are insects which love warm and secluded places. They are parasitic insects of the cimicid family that feed exclusively on blood. Their favorite place might be your bed. They can live in cracks and crevices in and around your bed and usually attack in the night. We at Rat trap help you keep bed bugs away, providing you a peaceful sleep and a healthy life.

Bug Barrier Creators

The exterminators of Rat Trap are fully trained to create a strong barrier between you and critter and rodents which are unwelcomed.

Repair of Termite Damages

Termite damage control and restoration can be done with the professional care of Rat Trap. All termites are neutralized to avoid the future damage to the house and proper caring tips and guidance are provided by our experts.

Yearly or One-Time pest control treatments

A critter, parasite and rodent-free environment is also included in the services we provide you yearly or one-time. Customer welfare and convenience is our priority at Rat Trap.

Real Estate and Home Inspection

Rat trap proudly offers you a real estate inspection according to your schedules. We even take charge for your new home purchase and well inform you with reports.

Precision Treatment atthe Entry Point

Our exterminators are well trained in locating the point of entry from where the insects enter. Rat Packers seal the entry point off and prevents any unwelcoming guests for the future.

Pest Control Inspection Sterling VA at Your Door Step

With our services, your money is surely well spent. We also give you a free estimate for your services. Top of the line service for you and your family is provided. We think for your security at the minimal prices.

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