Yes, Wood Mulch Attracts Termites

Yes, Wood Mulch Attracts Termites

Organic matter such as mulch attracts termites and provides a way for termites to travel from one location to the next. Mulch retains moisture, which termites thrive on and is usually placed along the foundation of homes. Here comes the termites and you gave them a ride right to the door.

In other words, man made mulch is better than organic mulch. The termites prefer the organic to the man made mulch, which has pebbles, plastic and rubber to name a few things, which termites do not attract to at all. Wood mulch is made from many different things including grass clippings, pine chunks, wood shavings and bark to name a few.

People use mulch for different reasons; one is for decoration and for flower or vegetable gardens. Mulch keeps the ground temperature and this adds to the attraction of termites. Therefore, this reason alone tells us wood mulch attracts termites. Mulch is also high in cellulose because of the material that makes up the organic material.

Treating the mulch with a termite pesticide can help to keep termites away. However, this may cause the termite into your home faster than they would normally seek out your home. It is all a part of learning with termites. They seem to be smarter than we are and we are considered very intelligent. Treat mulch with a chemical or a home remedy.

Boric acid, although this cheap treatment is considered safe around children, your pets may not have the same fortune. The diluted boric acid aids in the treatment of ridding your mulch of termites and is a chemical used in insecticides. Use with caution around pets and other wildlife so you have no additional problems. This is just one of the methods to get rid of termites. You can also use a commercial pesticide to spray on your mulch, but always check the directions before you do in case there are things like vegetables that cannot be exposed to this pesticide.

Always check your wood mulch, because now you know wood mulch attracts termites. If you do use this type of mulch, treat it to ensure you do not create a headache for yourself down the road. You might just want to try the man made mulch, which should be free from termites. Now you know for sure wood mulch attracts termites.

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