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Many homeowners just dont know their homes are under constant threat of an attack from foraging termites until its too late. This is because termites operate in a concealed subterranean environment never venturing in the open.

Homes in the South East Queensland area are extremely vulnerable to attacks from foraging termites.

Termites are located in most backyards, nesting in gum trees, tree stumps, retaining walls or any embedded timber. From their nest they build an elaborate network of subterranean tunnels, normally, only half a foot under the ground, in search of timber.

The worker termites use their large jaws to cut and scrape the timber into small pieces to digest. As they walk back to their nest, the timber is changed to soluble sugars by a special enzyme in their guts. Once they arrive at the nest, they regurgitate these sugars to feed the colony and the juvenile termites located in the nursery.

Termites view your home as a highly desirable restaurant where the food is free and theres plenty of it.

Foraging termites travel under pavers to enter structures, we often find termites when looking under pavers, concrete paths and driveways in the homes we inspect.

Termites build their tunnels horizontally along the ground, right up to the footings of a house. Once they hit the slab edge or footings they will travel left or right looking for a concealed entry point.

These concealed entry points are usually a small gap in the mortar between the bricks embedded below the ground.

Sometimes termites will build a mud lead out of the ground, over the slab edge or into a weep-hole to gain entry into your home.

Quite commonly, the largest leads are found in the sub-floors under a house. Its dark and an ideal environment for termites.

To stop these kinds of infestations, we strongly recommend installing a chemical treatment around the base of your home. These days we have a selection of highly effective and safe chemicals - Altriset & Termidor.

Conquer Termites only use the best performing termiticides and we refuse to use any generic brands. We encourage our clients to view the preparation process. All of our technicians are fully accredited applicators for Termidor and Altriset, both non-repellents and both work to eliminate the colony that is attacking your house.

Once we have done a complete appraisal or inspection of your home and have listened to all of your concerns, our experienced technicians will recommend the chemical most appropriate for your structure. For more information, please view our video on our inspection process.

Once you have made the very wise decision to protect your home from termites you naturally want to know it will be installed properly by a professional and trustworthy company.

At Conquer Termites we have the experience and expertise to install a chemical treatment to the highest possible standard.


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